The Italian company Diusapet was founded in 1901 as a producer of cosmetics for cats and dogs (the Neo Lupus brand). Their Alleva dog and cat food kibbles, although relatively new, have already found customers all around Europe, in Asia, and in America. These extruded feeds are gently steam-cooked in order to preserve the nutritional value of carefully selected ingredients. They also proudly wear the “No Cruelty Test” badge as a sign of the company’s commitment to respecting animal rights during development and trial phase.
Samohýl group distributes two Alleva product lines: Holistic (grain-free formulas rich in both fresh and dried meat and supplemented with sweet potatoes) and Natural (low-grain monoprotein feeds with rice and pumpkin).
To Czech professional breeders Samohýl group also offers another Diusapet dry feed brand – the Neobreeder.