Corporate social responsibility

"Thanks to CNG we save up to 50 % of fuel costs".

Petr Samohýl


Ing. Petr SamohýlSamohýl group runs a fleet of 78 vehicles. Reduction of fuel costs would naturally be in the best interest of each owner of such a large fleet. We decided to meet this challenge along with the request for environmentally-friendly solution to run our fleet economically and ecologically. We have chosen the way which is in perfect compliance with both requirements – we run our vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).
We are confident that natural gas is a fuel of the near future. We are all aware of the fact that it is necessary to reduce our dependence on petroleum. There is a prompt solution on hand. We understand that natural gas currently plays an important role in transportation. It is an indispensable transition between petroleum fuels and future technologies. CNG has recently played an important role in automotive industry. Car makers including the domestic SKODA offer CNG powered models e.g. the new model Skoda Octavia also powered by CNG. A significant hint for expansion of this technology in our company has been a recent purchase of a great volume of CNG vehicles by the Czech Post Office.


We had anticipated the CNG boom long before. As early as 2006 we bought our first CNG powered pick-up Fiat Doblo which has served us as a delivery vehicle until now. It has also put CNG to the test which has confirmed all its advantages. We have gradually procured more CNG vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter NGT, which has already done 730 000 km without any limitations. We currently run 31 CNG powered vehicles now with more than 5 mil. km on the clock.

Commercial and passenger vehicles

The management of the company led by Petr Samohyl promotes the use of pure and effective CNG. VW Passat EcoFuel has become one of the most preferred passenger vehicles. 


From the environmental point of view, transportation vehicles are generally seen as a significant source of emissions. Natural gas is an important source of energy for reducing air pollution. Due to its clean burning nature, combustion of natural gas does not release ash or other distinct particles into the atmosphere as it is with combustion of fuel oil. Composed primarily of methane, natural gas is considered a fully renewable energy source also called SNG – sustainable natural gas in a form of biogas obtained from biomass.


Samohýl group is a long-standing partner in the local public events held annually. Apart from those, we support young non-professional sportsmen as well as physically challenged ones.

Já mám koně

Horse day

Samohýl group is a general partner in the regional horse day of Liberec district that has a long- standing tradition.  Every year plenty of visitors come to enjoy all kinds of equestrian activities and watch demonstrations of various riding and driving horse sports. For more information see the presentation on 

Ski sports club Lomnice n. P.

Lyžařský sportovní klub Lomnice n. P. 

Samohýl group is a general sponsor of the Ski sports club in Lomnice nad Popelkou. The club also organizes „Samohyl ski jumping exhibition“ for general public. It is a unique ski jumping event in attendance of the Czech ski jumping elite. The performance takes place in the evening at the famous ski jumping resort in Lomnice enhanced by festival illumination.

Bike team Lomnice n. P.Bike team Lomnice n. P.

Samohýl group is a general partner of the mountain bike race. It takes place in Lomnice nad Popelkou which an ideal place for the tour. It is attended by more than 500 bikers and they compete on 3 tracks - 84, 54, 24 km. The year 2013 was newly integrated in Haven Amulet MTB 2013 series and IVelo bikemaraton 2013 series.

Climbing club Sokol Lomnice n. P. 

The climbing club Sokol in Lomnice nad Popelkou is authorized by the Czech climbing union to organize a competition called „Czech Cup at  difficulty climbing “ and „Bouldering cup“. Samohýl group also sponsors the traditional „April cup“.

Florbalový klub FBC Lomnice n. P.Floor-ball club FBC Lomnice n. P.

We aim our support at young sportsmen, for whom, floor-ball has become the sport No. 1. Their results speak for themself. E.g. the team of the youngest players (entrants) placed first in the Best sportsman of the district 2012 survey.

Logo KociánkaKociánka  

We support the Social care institution for physically challenged young people in Brno.


We co-operate with the leisure center Luzánky in Brno and recently assisted a traveling exhibition „One light“, which took place in 2012/2013 at the castle in Lomnice nad Popelkou.