Our story

„Initially I wanted to become a forester...“ says  Petr Samohýl, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAMOHYL company.

Ing. Petr Samohýl

He comes from Brno where he studied at University of Technology. After moving to Lomnice nad Popelkou, he started to work in a local factory manufacturing casts for industrial sewing machines. To provide support and stability for his family became the top priority after his dismissal in 1991. „I didn´t long for becoming an entrepreneur, I only wanted to work meaningfully and support my family. My business arose by mistake.“

Ing. Petr Samohýl

At the beginning he focused on bookkeeping and taxes. Later he got an idea to transform his business into provision of veteritary pharmaceuticals. He was familiar with medical environment he grew up in and gained medical qualification as well, which he also utilized when  volunteering as a medical superviser at summer children camps.

„It is simple – as a medical orderly cannot do withnout basic pharmaceuticals, nor can a veterinarian. There was a free potential so I tried to take advantage of this oportunity. To start off MVDr. Samohylová, MVDr. Dupalová and MVDr. Weiss helped me to get insights into veterinary issues.“

Petr Samohyl´s company developed through his ability to network abroad and the fact that  foreign manufactures had poor representation on our market. In the mid ninetieth the company embarked a significant growth when it started distribution of quality dry food. Another milestone which moved us forward, was a merger with the retail chain ZVEROKRUH through which we acquired 37 pet stores. At present we run 52 stores all over the country.

„If there are any obstacles, it is necessary to challenge them.“

Mr. Samohýl says that he has never thought of chucking it all in. He remembers the  nineties, a sense of impotence while struggling with public service authorities. At that time there were concerns as to whether he manages to maintain the company. Nowadays, the law in our country is more transparent and enforceable, which cannot be compared with the situation back to the nineties. However, the recent slowdown in the agricultural policy  in the Czech Republic has resulted in a decline in livestock, which has dropped down by almost one-half. That has considerably influenced the demand for veterinary pharmaceuticals which in the year 2000 made 90 % of the company turnover  compared to the current 39 %.

Ing. Petr SamohýlPetr Samohyl is a man who likes to learn new things. He acquired new skills and knowledge such as English language, commerce, finance, marketing, bookkeeping etc. Law became one of his hobbies.

He encourages his employees to take positive approach to learning new things and sets a good example for them in a desire for personal growth and diversity.