Cocktail facts

As a matter of interest

We run a fleet of 35 vehicles that make 200.000 km per month in total. 
It is the same distance as if you travelled 5 times around the world on Equator.

Every day we deliver goods to approximately 330 customers through 28 delivery lines. 

Our cars use roughly 25.000 litres and kg of (CNG) fuel per month. It is the same amount as if you milked 1.000 cows in one go. 

We store 13.500 items in total. 

Our warehousing facilities take up more than 10.000 m2. The space would take up the whole area of the Old Town square in Prague. 

We also sell live animals in our retail stores ZVEROKRUH. In 2012 our customers bought 3.500 birds, 48.000 mammals or 97.000 fish and plants.

Our telephone operators handle about 280 phone calls a day .... and yet keep on smiling. 

In our offices you can meet four to five dogs who daily accompany their owners to work. 

In 2012 a macaw parrot, later named Karel, came to inhabit the atrium in our office building. Time to time, Karel likes to comment on things going on in the atrium. Karel also enjoys a daily silent company of fish from the family Cichlidae from the lake Malawi and a few species of armored catfish.